Admission Process

Step and flow chart

Please follow the steps below:


Application & Enrolment Procedure

To complete the AVTI application form, students must sign the application form. Send the application form to AVTI along with certified copies of academic transcripts (original language version and English translation if applicable) from Senior High School and any subsequent study. Additional proof of English proficiency IELTS is required.

  • Students from Assessment Level I (AL 1) and Assessment Level II (AL 2) countries can produce TOEFL or other relevant English proficiency test. Documents may be certified by:
  • Authorized AVTI Agent (each page marked with the  Agent’s Company stamp, name and signature
  • Justice of the Peace or Public Notary
  • Institution issuing the Academic Transcript
  • Applications may be sent by post to AVTI address at Sydney directly or via AVTI Agents. Original copies of the faxed/emailed applications along with all of the certified  documents must also be posted to AVTI for the records of AVTI.

Offer Letter

An Offer letter along with an offer pack, including the following documents will be sent to students. The Offer pack consists of:

  • Invoice
  • International Student Offer Agreement
  • Refund Policy
  • Personal Information Confirmation
  • Fee Payment Options
  • Acceptance of Offer Procedure
  • Confirmation of Student Visa Application and Pre Departure Checklist.

Click here to see information on AVTI Policies summarised in the Letter of Offer Supplement

Issue of eCOE

For International Students, electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE) will be issued, once payment has been confirmed by AVTI Accounts Department, and sent to the Student/Agent. You will receive an eCOE for each course that you have selected and been offered admission. No eCOE will be issued if there are conditions on the offer letter that have not been met.
On receipt of tuition fee payment, an Orientation information package is sent. Each student has a specific orientation date and time.

Enrolment & Orientation

Students are required to attend orientation day for information sessions and enrolment. Orientation is conducted one week before the course commencement date. If possible, you should arrive at least a week prior to the course commencement date in order to adequately settle into your accommodation, and to familiarize yourself with the local surroundings.
All new students are required to attend our orientation session which provides students with vital study information and an understanding of AVTI’s policies and procedures.

Orientation Day
  • AVTI New Student Orientation – Monday at 9:00 am
    Register and Completion of Administrative / Documentation with Admin Staff
  • Please bring your passport, one passport photo and any original certificates (proof of English level).
  • Welcome speech and Part 1 of Orientation
    • This is a presentation about all our courses and policies. You will receive information booklet about AVTI and learn more about living and studying in Australia. You will also receive information about Overseas Student Health Cover.
  • Welcome Break
    Part 2 of Orientation
    Tour of Campus & surrounding areaSydney_Darling_Harbour
  • On this tour you will be shown important places such as the bus/train station, banks, post office and conveniently located food outlets.

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